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A Life Cycle Approach for a Sustainable Future

Ecodesign means integrating environmental factors into the design process of all types of products, from toys, packaging, household appliances to industrial products like compressors.

It requires life cycle thinking, with the environmental impact minimized at all stages of the product cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to end of use.

Ecodesign is also a key to success in the transition to a circular economy model. The ecodesign rules of thumb are a guide to develop products that fit in the circular economy.

This unique book serves as a key guide for designers, organizations, governments, companies, or anybody else with an interest in a sustainable future, by addressing three main topics:

First, ecodesign is explained for what it is and how it fits with the necessity for a sustainable planet.

Second, ecodesign is shown to be a coherent and practical process with a plan and tools that can be used to provide solutions for the environmental challenges the world faces.

Third, the impact of the ecodesign approach is elaborated for enterprises, governments, and consumers.

Both legislation and consumer pressure for more sustainable goods and services require industry and academia to come up with meaningful solutions that consider economic, societal, and environmental aspects alike.

This book provides the necessary clarity and tools to assess current products and support and inspire design of new ones to minimize the environmental impact and improve the circularity.

* Necessity of Ecodesign
* Emergence of Ecodesign and the Circular Economy Model
* Design for X
* Ecodesign Tools
* Ecodesign in the Product Development Process
* Stimulating Ecodesign
* Ecodesign and Entrepreneurship
* Ecodesign and Governance
* Ecodesign and Consumers

Authors: Karine Van Doorsselaer, Rudolf J. Koopmans

ISBN: 978-1-56990-861-7

Buchangaben: 12/2020 269 Seiten, Fester Einband, in full color